VV1 STELLALAND 1884 IMPERFORATE COLOUR TRIAL of the 1d postage duty (Holmes Type 5) printed in the issued colour, red. Without gum and good to large margins. BPA certificate (1983) states “is genuine. The stamp bears a handstamped overprint in pale violet of unknown origin”. Very rare. SG 1 proof £275
VV6 STELLALAND 1884 1d red (Holmes Type 8). Very fine and fresh unused, without gum. SG 1 £75
VV8 STELLALAND 1884 1d red (Holmes Type 3). Large adhesion, repair at right and vertical crease. Mint. SG 1 £30
VV9 STELLALAND 1884 1d red (Holmes Type 5). Large hinge remnants, otherwise fine and fresh mint. SG 1 £150
VV10 STELLALAND 1884 1d red (Holmes Type 2). Large hinge remnants and rather unfresh, otherwise fine mint. SG 1 £45
VV13 STELLALAND 1884 1d red (Holmes Type 4). Tied to small piece by two KIMBERLEY (MR 9 / 85) double arc datestamps. This item is illustrated in Jurgens (p71) where he suggests use by the Warren Expedition. Holmes (p26) states after February 1885 stamps were not cancelled until they reached Barkly West or Kimberley. This very datestamp is illustrated in Putzel & Visser, without comment. However, a PFSA certificate (1984) states “it is genuine but the postmarks are forged”, which does appear to be the case. Intriguing. SG 1 £300
VV31 STELLALAND 1884 Three genuine duties, 4d, 6d and 1/- each provided with an apparently genuine ‘VRYBURG’ single circle datestamp, no doubt ‘by favour’. The 6d with some staining. SG 3-5 £110
VV32 STELLALAND / Forgery of the 1884 1d, printed in red and provided with fanciful European (?) cancellation. Few thin spots. Unusual. Forgery of SG 1 £35
VV33 STELLALAND / Forgery of the 1884 6d, printed in (unevenly applied) greyish lilac and provided with an apparently private cachet of ‘J.R. Schembera’. Unusual. Forgery of SG 4 £35
VV69 STELLALAND / Warren Expedition 1884 Unappropriated Dies overprinted ‘MILITARY TELEGRAPHS’ for use by the Warren Expedition. Complete set of eight (1d to £1) handstamped ‘SPECIMEN’ (Samuel Type GB9. Enthusiastically hinged, otherwise fine mint. SG MT1-8 Specimen
Note: it is unusual to see the £1 with this handstamp as it is normally seen with the larger Type GB11.
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