Postage Stamps: 1869 1st Republic to 1882

Cape of Good Hope 1864 De La Rue 6d bright mauve triangle with good to large margins. Fine used, cancelled with large part of the POTCHEFSTROOM / G.P.K. / OCT 3 / 1865 / Z.A.R. 30mm single circle datestamp. Imperceptible corner crease mentioned on an otherwise clear Briefmarkenprüfstelle certificate (2014). Diena and Bolaffi expertising marks on the reverse. Very rare. SG 20
Note: prior to the introduction of ZAR stamps in 1869, mail addressed overseas forwarded via the Cape of Good Hope required Cape stamps to be affixed. This followed a decision by the Volksraad in 1859 to set up a regular postal service. Herman Jeppe, the Postmaster at Potchefstroom (then Capital of the ZAR) placed an order in August of that year for Cape stamps. All four triangular duties are recorded postmarked with the Potchefstroom 30mm single circle datestamp, the only cancelling device then available. All are rare.