Danny Swart Rhodesia
1902 (July), black and white Post Card ‘Greetings from St. Helena’, the image being of Boer Officers as Prisoners of War on the Island, bearing 1d Arms (SG 77), cancelled small single circle MATOKOS / S. RHODESIA datestamp, addressed to England and then twice re-addressed. Salisbury (22 July) transit and numerous further British transit strikes. A rare early example of this office.
Note: situated about 90 miles north east of Salisbury on the Zambesi escarpment, official reports record an agency opening here in the year ended 31st March, 1903. However, Knight & Mitchell (1984) note that “despite the official opening date a postmark is known dated 22.7.1902.” It was renamed M’Tokos in early 1908 and then Mtoko between February 1908 and 1910. Interestingly, in ‘The Postmarks of Rhodesia’ (Jon & Jenifer Barry, 1988) Mtoko and Matokos are shown on a map (page XIX) as two places approximately 10 miles apart.