Bechuanaland Protectorate
Bechuanaland Protectorate
1925-27 KGV (watermark Block Cypher). Group of 21, ½d to 1/-, all different lower marginal singles with controls. Two 1d’s (A24 & B24) with some toning, the majority are very fine or superb mint. A rare assembly, missing only five of the recorded controls on this watermark, and an excellent reference for the majority of the printings. Comprising:
  ½d (SG 91): E26, H27, L29
  1d (SG 92): A24, B24, C25, E26, G27, K29, O31
  2d (SG 93): B24
  3d (SG 94): B24, E26
  4d (SG 95): B24, G27
  6d (SG 97): E.26, F.26
  1/- (SG 98): A24, D25, J28, N30