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REVENUE 1891 Large Format revenue issue. Bradbury Wilkinson essay die proofs for the 2/6, 4/-, 10/-, £1 and £10 duties. All are printed in the issued designs except for the wording in the value tablets which were printed from separate plates. All but the 2/6 duty plates have seriffed letters (the issued stamps were sans-serif). Apart from the 2/6 duty plate being sans-serif, the value is expressed entirely in words rather than a combination of words and numbers as in the issued version, the change presumably being for reasons of space and clarity. All are imperforate (approximately 38x67mm) and printed in close to the issued colours on very thin ungummed wove paper, and all but the £1 show some part of the paper maker's watermark ‘Pure Linen / Extra (Arms) Strong / Wove Bank’. Each impression is also approximately 1mm shorter than the issued stamps, possibly a result of the process of transferring images to the printing plate. Exquisite and very rare, believed to be one of two sets recorded. An exceptional and superb example of the engravers art.