Postal History
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BRITISH BECHUANALAND c1890 (3rd May) incoming mourning envelope, possibly originating from Stellenbosch, the addressee’s home town in the Cape. Bearing a pair of ‘Hope Seated’ 1d carmine-red (SG 49a) tied by a triangular obliterator. Addressed to ‘J. J. Bosman Esq. / Govt. Land Surveyor / P.O. Kuruman / British Bechuanaland’. With a transit of TAUNGS BECHUANALAND (MY 5) single circle datestamp struck on the front. Kimberley (MY 3) transit and very faint Kuruman arrival backstamps. Scarce incoming mail.
Note: as a member of the firm Moorrees and Bosman, the addressee, Johannes Jacobus Bosman undertook extensive surveying on behalf of the government of British Bechuanaland from 1888 including the determination of the border between Bechuanaland and German South West Africa. This work followed on from that of Edward Melvill who, during 1887-1888 performed the first section of the trigonometric survey of British Bechuanaland.