British Bechuanaland Stamps
1888 2d lilac and black. Variety SURCHARGE IN GREEN. Additionally showing the variety CURVED FOOT TO ‘2’. A few short perforations, otherwise very fine used with partial 1888 datestamp. One of the rarest stamps of the Bechuanalands. SG 23c + var
Note: this stamp was discovered in 2008 and was offered as lot 581 on the Argyll Etkin sale of 20th May 2010. As only one sheet of 2d is believed to have received the trial surcharge in green, and only one stamp per sheet had the curved foot to ‘2’ variety, this stamp must therefore be considered unique. Stanley Gibbons state in a footnote “A single example of SG 23c with the 'curved foot to ‘2’’ variety has been recorded (price £18,000, used).”