Cape of Good Hope Stamps
STAMPS / Rectangles  -  1882-83. Watermark Crown CA
DE LA RUE APPENDIX SHEET 1883 (1st May), Appendix “C” headed “Specimens of all the Cape of Good Hope Postage Stamps with specimens of new colours proposed for three of the duties”. Bearing set of seven issued stamps, ½d to 5/-, with additional perforated ½d colour trials in (deep) grey-green, carmine and (greenish) slate, each affixed alongside the issued ½d, 1d and 1/- duties, and each marked “Proposed colour”. All the stamps appear to be on either Crown CC paper (4d, 1/- and 5/-) or Crown CA paper (½d, 1d, 2d and 3d). The colour trials are all on Crown CA paper. The Appendix has been carefully cut into three for exhibition purposes. Most attractive and very rare. Ex the De La Rue Archives.