Early Postal History, 1892 Arms to 1897 £2 Arms
 -  1892-94 SMALL ARMS, SG 18-26  -  STAMPS
1897 11th September, printed two page letter from the joint secretaries of the Bulawayo Railway Celebrations Committee, Earnest C. Baxter and Charles W. Bloomfield, from their offices at 4 Glass's Chambers, Bulawayo, and dated October 9th, 1897. The letter detailing previous correspondence and advice that a free return pass to Bulawayo, reservations for this, and further advice for the upcoming event. Further to ask that this letter be brought and would be exchanged for a badge to recognise admission to all the planned events and accommodation. The second page detailing the events planned. This letter issued to D. Ward Esq., Crown Prosecutor, Cape Town. Along with the despatch envelope bearing 8d small Arms (SG 24), cancelled 'BULAWAYO SP 11 97', addressed to Cape Town, arrival backstamp. A truly remarkable survivor and most likely unique.