Postage Stamps: 1869 1st Republic to 1882
FIRST REPUBLIC  -  1878 Queen Victoria 'Bourne Head' Issue
1878 Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. Transvaal 6d COMPOSITE ESSAY for the 1878 Tender, this being the successful submission for the Transvaal contract. Essay for a 6d duty with frame hand-painted in blue and ultramarine with ‘TRANSVAAL POSTAGE’ and ‘SIX PENCE’, figures of value and other aspects of the frame picked out in Chinese white. The frame surrounds a recess printed portrait of Queen Victoria engraved by Herbert Bourne which has been inset and the edges carefully painted in where necessary to create a seamless effect. The essay further mounted on thick card (87x110mm). The final design would include the Bourne Head, although the frame would be significantly altered. Delightful, exquisite and unique. Ex Bradbury Wilkinson Archives; Ernest Hunt collection; Major Harold Criddle (1992); Besançon (2019); David Underwood collection and beautifully written up on his display page.
Note: in 1877, the Administrator of the Colony, “ordered through the Crown Agents in London, a permanent set of postage as well as Revenue stamps”. The order was given to Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co., and the account dated 1st April , 1878, “for supplying Postage and Revenue stamps, £28 18s 7d”.