Last updated: 2nd March, 2017
RA4749 1956 5/- olive-green revenue, very fine used. Uncommon. Mewett 435 £25
RA784 1956 5/- olive-green revenue, fine used. Uncommon. Mewett 435 £20
RA785 1956 10/- violet revenue, fine used. Mewett 436 £15
RA4750 1956 10/- and £1 revenues, both on piece cut from a passport, cancelled with black boxed ‘Federal Passports’ cachet, dated 25 APR 1958. Mewett 436, 437 £40
RA6296 1956 £1 blue revenue, block of four. Superb unmounted. Uncommon. Mewett 437 £100
RA786 1956 £1 blue revenue, fine used. Mewett 437 £15
F164 c1956 Cigarette Surtax Duty label. 2½d turquoise-blue. Vertical pair, very fine unused. Very scarce, apparently unrecorded. £75
RA3191 1961 3/4 Personal Tax revenues, both litho and recess types, litho roulette 10, recess perf. 12½. Very fine unmounted. Mewett 341A, 347 £18
RA3195 1961 10/- Personal Tax revenue, litho printing roulette 10 x perf. 12½. Fine used pen cancelled. Mewett 342C £10
RA3196 1961 £1 Personal Tax revenue, litho printing roulette 10 x perf. 12½. Fine used pen cancelled. Mewett 343C £7
F100 1957 23rd November, page from Memorandum of Agreement Document, applied with £5 and pair £50 Arms revenues, oval greenish blue 'SALISBURY 28 NOV 1957' cancels. Fine & attractive. £80
F101 1962 23rd February, cover bearing three 1d Arms REVENUE stamps 'SINOIA / S. RHODESIA 23 FEB 1962' datestamp to Salisbury. Apparently allowed as no tax endorsements. Unusual. £55
RA5183 1969, 'Personal Tax Act, 1961 / Record of Employees' form, applied with seven x 10/- roulette Personal Tax stamps (Mewett 342 roul. 5 x 10). Each pen cancelled by date. Some faults at top, uncommon to see this value used alone. £65
RA8599 BALAKA / NYASALAND dc, complete strike dated 30 JUL 63 on vertical pair QEII ½d coil stamps (SG 18a) £18
RA8597 KASUPE / NYASALAND dc, complete strike dated 24 JUL '63 on vertical pair QEII ½d coil stamps (SG 18a) £18
RA8596 SANDAMA / NYASALAND dc, complete strike dated 6 JUN 63 on vertical pair QEII 3d (SG 22) £12
RA774 1957 22nd November, cover cancelled with red machine 'POSTAGE PAID / IN CASH' and alongside 'SALISBURY / S. RHODESIA / POSTAGE / PAID', addressed to South Africa. £10
AR169 1958 (June), cover addressed airmail to Holland bearing 6d and 1/- impressions of a Rhodesia and Nyasaland meter franking. The flap with printed emblem of the Standard Bank and with a large oval Salisbury bank cachet dated ‘29 Apr 1958’. Opened on three sides. Uncommon. £25
F182 1959 10th February, long printed Airmail O.H.M.S. cover cancelled with bold red '2/6' meter franking, addressed to London. Very fine and clean, most unusual. £40
RA2360 1959 1st July, printed O. H. M. S. window envelope cancelled with very fine and clear machine slogan 'LAKE NYASSA / FOR HAPPY HOLIDAYS' sent from LIVINGSTONE, light violet oval 'TELEPHONE ACCOUNTS(?) BRANCH' cachet. £8
AR388 1959 (3rd July), unsealed envelope addressed to Salisbury franked with a boxed machine cancellation struck in red reading POSTAGE PAID / IN CASH in one and S. RHODESIA / 3 JLY / 1959 / POSTAGE PAID in another. Unusual. £30
RA3561 1963 10th May, stampless Air Letter, struck at top with violet 'FEDERATION OF RHODESIA / ON POSTAL SERVICE / AND NYASALAND' plus at lower left violet oval 'CENTRAL TELEGRAPH OFFICE / 10 MAY 1963 BULAWAYO' cachets. Addressed to the U.S.A.. Most unusual. £25
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