Last updated: 2nd March, 2017
RA4749 1956 5/- olive-green revenue, very fine used. Uncommon. Mewett 435 £25
RA784 1956 5/- olive-green revenue, fine used. Uncommon. Mewett 435 £20
RA785 1956 10/- violet revenue, fine used. Mewett 436 £15
RA4750 1956 10/- and £1 revenues, both on piece cut from a passport, cancelled with black boxed ‘Federal Passports’ cachet, dated 25 APR 1958. Mewett 436, 437 £40
RA6296 1956 £1 blue revenue, block of four. Superb unmounted. Uncommon. Mewett 437 £100
RA786 1956 £1 blue revenue, fine used. Mewett 437 £15
RA787 1955 24th August, printed A4 size 'SPIRIT REBATE BOND' (folded for display) bearing on the reverse block of four and single 6d green revenue stamps (Mewett 431), each date cancelled and with violet oval strike. These revenues are not common, used on document they are extremely scarce. £250
F164 c1956 Cigarette Surtax Duty label. 2½d turquoise-blue. Vertical pair, very fine unused. Very scarce, apparently unrecorded. £75
RA3191 1961 3/4 Personal Tax revenues, both litho and recess types, litho roulette 10, recess perf. 12½. Very fine unmounted. Mewett 341A, 347 £18
RA3195 1961 10/- Personal Tax revenue, litho printing roulette 10 x perf. 12½. Fine used pen cancelled. Mewett 342C £10
RA3196 1961 £1 Personal Tax revenue, litho printing roulette 10 x perf. 12½. Fine used pen cancelled. Mewett 343C £7
F100 1957 23rd November, page from Memorandum of Agreement Document, applied with £5 and pair £50 Arms revenues, oval greenish blue 'SALISBURY 28 NOV 1957' cancels. Fine & attractive. £80
F101 1962 23rd February, cover bearing three 1d Arms REVENUE stamps 'SINOIA / S. RHODESIA 23 FEB 1962' datestamp to Salisbury. Apparently allowed as no tax endorsements. Unusual. SOLD
RA5183 1969, 'Personal Tax Act, 1961 / Record of Employees' form, applied with seven x 10/- roulette Personal Tax stamps (Mewett 342 roul. 5 x 10). Each pen cancelled by date. Some faults at top, uncommon to see this value used alone. £65
RA8599 BALAKA / NYASALAND dc, complete strike dated 30 JUL 63 on vertical pair QEII ½d coil stamps (SG 18a) £18
RA8597 KASUPE / NYASALAND dc, complete strike dated 24 JUL '63 on vertical pair QEII ½d coil stamps (SG 18a) £18
RA8596 SANDAMA / NYASALAND dc, complete strike dated 6 JUN 63 on vertical pair QEII 3d (SG 22) £12
RA774 1957 22nd November, cover cancelled with red machine 'POSTAGE PAID / IN CASH' and alongside 'SALISBURY / S. RHODESIA / POSTAGE / PAID', addressed to South Africa. £10
AR169 1958 (June), cover addressed airmail to Holland bearing 6d and 1/- impressions of a Rhodesia and Nyasaland meter franking. The flap with printed emblem of the Standard Bank and with a large oval Salisbury bank cachet dated ‘29 Apr 1958’. Opened on three sides. Uncommon. £25
F182 1959 10th February, long printed Airmail O.H.M.S. cover cancelled with bold red '2/6' meter franking, addressed to London. Very fine and clean, most unusual. £40
RA2360 1959 1st July, printed O. H. M. S. window envelope cancelled with very fine and clear machine slogan 'LAKE NYASSA / FOR HAPPY HOLIDAYS' sent from LIVINGSTONE, light violet oval 'TELEPHONE ACCOUNTS(?) BRANCH' cachet. £8
AR388 1959 (3rd July), unsealed envelope addressed to Salisbury franked with a boxed machine cancellation struck in red reading POSTAGE PAID / IN CASH in one and S. RHODESIA / 3 JLY / 1959 / POSTAGE PAID in another. Unusual. £30
RA3561 1963 10th May, stampless Air Letter, struck at top with violet 'FEDERATION OF RHODESIA / ON POSTAL SERVICE / AND NYASALAND' plus at lower left violet oval 'CENTRAL TELEGRAPH OFFICE / 10 MAY 1963 BULAWAYO' cachets. Addressed to the U.S.A.. Most unusual. £25
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